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The film is set on the shores New Haven Connecticut with a beautiful back drop of New Haven Harbor and Long Island Sound. Stretched out along Long Warf Drive between the interstate and the shoreline, lies a little known tasty secret. The secret is the New Haven food trucks, home to about 15 trucks. These trucks are not your normal water dog and meat on a stick trucks, yeah you can find this but these trucks specialize in some of the tastiest and most authentic Mexican food in the city. You can find anything from quesadillas to burritos but the most popular is the small but powerful tasting tacos. You can order different meats, from beef, pork, and chicken to beef tongue. All are stuffed between two corn soft shelled tortillas. Each truck adds their own different type of toping and spices, all for an amazing price of $1.50 each.  

As you walk the quarter of mile strip of food trucks your eyes will be stimulated by the decor of each truck. Each truck has its own style, made up of lights, balloons and posters to chairs and umbrellas. Each truck is painted in its own unique way, all with the menu painted directly on the truck, most with a picture of each meal displayed on the truck. On any given day, at any given time, there will be crowds of people enjoying their favorite meal. Most people that fill the area are construction workers, laborers, migrates and locals. All are enjoying a tasty, cheap meal soaking in the views of the harbor, one of which is the boats sailing in and out of the city. For a little while you could almost forget you are in New Haven or the Untied States. It’s hard to find conversation in English. The sounds of Spanish fill the air.

This is an observational documentary focusing on one individual Mexican food truck. We will follow this truck on its daily operations from sun up to sundown. We will document the behind the scenes actions of the people who bring us these amazingly tasty tacos, highlighting one truck as the focal point to our story. We capture the daily operations of this truck, starting from the sleeping place of the truck and following it to Long Warf Drive. We observe the daily activities, from how the food is prepared, cooked and sold. We end with the observations of satisfied costumers enjoying these tasty tacos. The main characters observation will showcase the workers as they go through their daily routine. We will stay focused on one type of meal, the taco, chronicling its cycle of life from preparation, cooking to consumption.

The film’s objective is to change the thoughts of an audience that is ever so skeptical about eating truck meat. We illustrate that the food coming from these trucks is not only the tastiest in the city but may be drawn from the freshest meats and vegetables locally grown. Sometimes, the ingredients are even fresher then the ingredients in meals from your local restaurants and much fresher then most chain restaurants. We will cinematically achieve this through the fly on the wall approach with zero interaction with the camera, simply an observation of action. We will place our cameras so you can see the daily operations of a New Haven food truck worker. We will mainly show this through close up shoots mixing it with enough wide-angle shoots to establish the location of what the audience is watching, ultimately, convincing the skeptical audience to try a meal at the food trucks. 



An observational look at how a tasty authentic Mexican taco is prepared, cooked and sold out of a small truck in the urban setting of New Haven, Connecticut. In a place most people feel is less then sanitary, it is actually food which is cooked by a passionate taco maker in an environment that is

cleaner then most of our favorite restaurants.The food truck is nestled away on an urban strip adjacent to the interstate and the New Haven Harbor and home to many food trucks. We follow a local New Haven Mexican food truck on its daily operations and watch the hard work of the workers and chefs who make those tacos so tasty.          

A day in the life of an authentic Mexican food truck and taco maker.