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"The Veterans' Journey" seeks to reduce suicidal behaviors by military veterans by enhancing social connectedness with an independently filmed public service announcement.  


NEW HAVEN, CONN. (Nov. 1, 2017)--With the rates of suicide in the U.S. increasing—especially among military veterans—an Elm City group and two local companies independently produced a public service announcement (PSA) that seeks to increase resiliency through “conectiveness“ among veterans.

“The Veterans' Journey” aims to raise awareness of the social and mental health benefits of belonging to a veterans service organization (VSO), especially among Post-9/11 veterans. Framed as one veteran's transition back into civilian life, the PSA echoes the struggles of generations of American veterans.

Suicide is an increasing public health problem in the United States—particularly among the U.S. veteran population. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, an average of 20 veterans die by suicide each day; veterans have a 22 percent higher risk for suicide compared with U.S. civilian adults; risk for suicide is 2.5 times higher among female veterans; and rates of suicide are highest among younger veterans (age 18-29).

Multiple studies show that connectedness (the degree to which a person or group is socially close) is an important protective factor in lowering the risk for suicidal thoughts and self-directed violence, according to the Centers of Disease Control.

Recognizing that suicide effects many of their fellow service members, comrades at the Veterans of Foreign Wars New Haven Post 12150 (VFWNewHaven.org) set out to create a positive PSA encouraging them to “connect with your fellow veterans.” Instead of focusing on the cold and clinical aspects of suicide prevention, the PSA offers veterans a positive and hopefully life-enhancing alternative.

Filmed in and around New Haven in early 2017, Michael J. Finnegan Films (michaeljfinnegan.com) and MStan Productions (mstan.net) donated 100 percent of their time, equipment, and expertise. Locations included the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park, the Trinity Bar & Restaurant (thetrinitybar.com), and the hall in the Knights of St. Patrick (knightsofstpatrick.org).


With a diverse roster of Post-9/11 veterans, the Veterans of Foreign Wars New Haven Post 12150 is proudly building a “new generation” VFW post in the largest, oldest, and most powerful war veterans service organization in America.


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“The Veterans’ Journey” will be shown for 10 weeks on all 9 screens and in the lobby at the Bow Tie Criterion in New Haven starting 24 November 2017. 

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